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Roof Attic Ventilation is constantly overlooked by contractors & builders, yes even with new homes! Over 80% of homes lack ventilation either by not having enough intake or by mixing different types of outtake vents such as ridge vents & static vents. This will void your shingle manufacture’s warranty, shingle deterioration, AND it can also keep a lot of heat trapped in your attic! When heat is trapped and airflow is not flowing through your attic, its harder for the A/C to cool the rooms underneath the attic.

This is where the Attic Solar Fans come in! The difference from other vents, such as static, or ridge vents is that a fan actually sucks the heat from your attic. Cooling down your attic will help you’re A/C cool down the rooms right below. They are powered by the suns energy so you don’t have to worry about your energy bill, but they also have an adapter that could be added so it can run at the night if you desire.

Benefits of having a Solar Attic Fan:

Extends the life of your roof. Reduces heat build-up on roof shingles and underlayment.

Reduces load on HVAC systems. In hot summer months, saves money on your electric bills and reduces wear on your AC unit

Prevents damaging ice damming. In cold winter months, attic air circulation slows the snow melting on the roof and then refreezing as ice at the eaves.

Reduces moisture build-up in the attic. Excessive moisture trapped in the attic causes rust, wood rot and attic insulation damage. Reducing moisture eliminates growth of mold and fungus.

Increases fresh air circulation. Reduces vapor buildup generated by every day activities such as showering, cooking and laundry.

Tax Rebate. 30% Tax rebate for total amount of project either repair or replacement!  

Our Attic Fan Installation Service starts at $699. There are other factors that can affect the price such as steepness of the roof, complexity, intake ventilation, and/or eliminating other existing vents you may have. 

We offer a Free no obligation Attic Ventilation Analysis.  Schedule your appointment now!

Free Ventilation Analysis

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