Christmas Lights

We are SUPER excited you are considering us for your Christmas Lights Installation this season. Climbing a ladder or walking the roof can be extremely dangerous! As roofers, we practice this skill every single day and we have trained our techs to provide professional Xmas Lights Installation. On this page we will explain our process on how we do business when it comes to installing Xmas Lights. We want to make sure you understand how we install lights and how we price our jobs. Whether you are an existing or new customer we look forward to you being a returning, referring and repeat customer for years to come!


During our online or over the phone estimation, we will measure your roof and linear footage of your home in addition to the decoration / designs ideas that you have. The estimate for roof lines will be by the foot. Our installs consist of sockets that are 1ft apart so it will be easy to do the final pricing. There are many options to choose from LED lighting in any color to wreaths, garland, trees, arches, windows, and landscaping lighting that will be extra charge. Our measurements will be very close, however not exact. We try to be as honest and accurate as possible in our estimation, but the final numbers are calculated by how many bulbs or boxes are installed on your home rather than the estimation we give online or over the phone.

Once you have accepted our estimation and understand how the pricing works, you will be able to book for your preferred installation date. We will try our best to accommodate you for the preferred date, however DUE TO HIGH VOLUME AND DIFFRENT SIZE JOBS, it may be moved to an earlier / later day / time but GUARANTEE it will be that same week.

A $49.99 deposit will be required to schedule your job OR to schedule one of our techs to come out and give you a proper quote. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.

When we are finished with our installation, we will count the exact amount of ft that was worked on and have the final invoice for you. You will be able to check by counting each bulb as the distance between them is 1 ft.


Buying Option:
  • You get to keep the lights after install
  • You have to store them
  • Pay only for labor after first year
  • No warranty (Pay a service fee every time we need to go back to fix/replace anything for any reason )
  • No Maintenance
  • Not Customizable (Pay extra for any different color you want on future years)
  • Pay for any extras (timers, extension cords, clips, male/female plugs, etc.)
  • Take down not included, pay extra to take down
Leasing Option (3 or 5 year)
  • Same Price Every Year
  • Fully Customizable every year (Change colors)
  • Includes automatic on/off timers
  • Maintenance included
  • Warranty on all materials (we will replace any damage bulbs or wire at no extra cost) Does not include "act of god" damages.
  • Includes Take Down at the end of the season
  • We store them for you
  • Save More the longer term
  • Less hassle. Worry-free professional service