Insurance Claim

Your insurance claim process, step-by-step


Request a Free Inspection

We will have one of our representatives inspect your home for any storm damage at no cost to you. If damage is found our rep will present to you detailed photos of damaged, if you agree to use our service, our rep will continue with his detailed inspection and photo report to have ready for your insurance company.


Connect with your insurance

Our representative will sit down and help you contact your insurance company immediately and file the claim with the date of loss provided by our representative. The insurance will provide a claim number and assign an insurance adjuster. The claim number can be used to check status of claim at any time. The adjuster will then set a date for an inspection of your property to evaluate the damages.


Adjuster Appointment

After the claim has been filed, it will need to be investigated by the adjuster to determine the amount of loss or damages covered by your insurance policy. As part of our service, we are present during this appointment to make sure adjuster performs a fair and thorough inspection and show our findings during our inspection to help cover as much damage as possible.


Your claim is reviewed

Once the investigation is complete the adjuster will review all damage and prepare a written summary report going over all the property damage and the amount they are currently estimating the losses to be. This summary report may be completed on-site or mailed to you. Our representative will make sure to be on top of the claim and get status upates.


Estimate and scope of work

Once approved, adjuster will be sending an estimated amount of the scope of work by the damages found on his inspection. We will review scope of work and make sure that everything in our scope of work is there. Any missing work or underpaid items needed to complete the repairs will be reported to insurance as a supplement. We will argue with them in your defense to maximize your claim and make all repairs as needed.


Payment is arranged

A check will come with the estimated scope of work to get started with repairs. At this time our representative will meet with you to go over all the line items, project details, products, and color of your new roof! We will collect your deductible to schedule your job. The check sent by the insurance will be collected on roof installation day.


Get Your New Roof

Your new roof is ready to be installed. Our production manager will be in touch with you during the roof install and any other work needed to be performed such as gutters, fence, and or interior repairs.


Final Inspection & invoice

After repairs have been completed, we will collect the insurance check and send you and insurance company the final invoice along with all proper documentation, such as pictures and proof of deductible payment. Once all documentation is submitted, insurance will review and release the depreciation (remaining total of settlement) along with any approved supplements to make final payment and close your claim